Chilli Duck, Back Bay, Boston Revisited

We have been long time fans of Chilli Duck (BMH review Chilli Duck) and Thai Basil  dining in and ordering take out. We think Chilli Duck has great Thait fresh rolls. However, still doesn’t beat out mother’s Fresh Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn Chay) or Indochine Catering’s rolls sold at Equal Exchange.

The Chilli Duck Vegetarian Fresh rolls were beautifully presented  with shreds of lettuce, cucumber, carrots, basil leaves and rice vermicelli noodles rolled up in soft spring rolls skin. The brown peanut sauce was savory and had a nice nutty flavor from the crushed peanuts ($6.95).

We also enjoyed an order of Pad See Iew Noodles ($9.95). The wide, flat rice noodles were stir fried with tender chicken egg, carrots, broccoli and Chinese broccoli in a dark, sweet soy sauce. Very tasty.

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Pepper Sky’s, Central Square, Cambridge

In search for some Thai cusine, one of my dear friends and I decided to catch up at Pepper Sky’s on Pearl Street, in Central Square. This was a first time visit to the Cambridge restaurant revered by its loyal customers for dining in, delivery and take out. After taking cooking classes in Chiang Mai, we wanted to see the difference between American vs authentic Thai (BMH’s visit to Smart Cook, Thai Cookery School, Chiang Mai).

Pepper Sky’s Thai Sensation holds a special place in my dining companion’s heart, because Pepper Sky’s was where she had her first date with her fiance. Over multiple Pepper Sky’s dishes and an exchange of travel stories they are now engaged. Adorable.

Before entering Pepper Sky’s, I could not help but admire the pop of color in a neighboring cement building.

Upon entrance, we noticed the stereotypical Asian fish tank. Good feng shui. The restaurant was very busy and the ambiance cozy and casual.

Pepper Sky’s dinner menu includes salads and appetizers such as fresh rolls and papaya salad, soups including my favorite tom yum soup, as well as curries and fried rice. Their Specials Menu has more Pan-Asian dishes such edamame, scallion pancakes and chicken wings.

My friend had I both had a refreshing homemade limeade. There was a nice balance between citrus flavor and sweetness. In fact, the limeade was a bit tangy, which was exactly what I wanted.

I greatly enjoyed an order of the Vegetable Pad Thai ($9.95) with a side of fried tofu. The harmonious blend of egg, broccoli, blanched string bean, fresh bell pepper with crushed peanut and bean sprouts was crunchy, lightly sweet and delicious. I would definitely order this again or try the Spicy Pad Thai next time.

I sampled my friend’s Drunken Noodle ($9.95) and I wish I ordered that dish! The spicy wide noodle was stir-fried with onion, basil, bell pepper, chili, bamboo, tomato and string bean. The combination was a perfect combo of hot, sweet, salty, savory and umami.

According to the menu, Drunken noodles were originally stir-fried by a singing drunkard to starve off midnight hunger.Ingredients previously thought to be incompatible were tossed into the wok, and voila Drunken noodle.

Whenever we are in Central Square next, can not wait to sample more of Pepper Sky’s menu.

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