Aquitaine Revisited, South End, Boston

We love stopping by Aquitaine (BMH review of Aquitaine) for the $9.95 prixe fixe brunch. $10 brunch is on Saturdays between 10-3pm and for an hour 10-11AM on Sundays.


We love when we are served the warm House-Made Cinnamon Bun, unlimited coffee and choice of orange or grapefruit juice along with our eggs.The cinnamon bun is nice and flakey and covered in glaze.


After chatting about our friend’s recent honeymoon and favorite moments of her wedding, we toasted with belllinis. We are done with our bridesmaids duties. C’est finis! The Bellini with White Peach Puree and Sparkling Wine for $8.00 was a great accompaniment with our breakfast.


There are two omelettes always ordered la Maison and Alsacienne. The omelette de la Maison with Bacon, Tomatoes, and Gruyere Cheese is served with a side of toast and potatoes.


The Omelette al Sacienne with Mushrooms, Leeks, and Boursin Cheese was earthy and the creamy tangy cheese was delicious.IMG_3009

We can not get enough of Aquitaine’s brunch. Still good.

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Union Bar and Grille Revisited, South End, Boston

We stopped by one of our fav brunch places in the South End, Union Bar and Grille (BMH’s review of Union Bar and Grille) for late brunch. The food is always consistent and service solid. We just love the black leather seats.


Our good friends started off with juice, coffee, ginger ale and we reviewed the menu divided into classics, eggs and greens sandwiches. _MG_3975

We started with the fluffy Brioche French Toast Stuffed with Fig & Bacon Jam and Maple Syrup for $9.25. This is absolutely good delish french toast lightly dusted with powdered sugar. We loved the quarters of figs and the sweetness contrasting the saltiness from the bacon jam. _MG_3972

Our buddy ordered the Prime Chuck Burger with Bacon, Cheddar, Smoked Tomato Remoulade and Rosemary Fries for $14.75. He demolished it, and given his appreciation for a good burger and fries, it is safe to say he liked it. We sampled the fries and they were nicely scented from the rosemary. _MG_3969

Our waiter suggested the BLT Pizza with Truffled Mayo & Fried Farm Egg for $11.75. This is a must and really special. The grilled flat bread had perfectly fried eggs and nice acidity from the slices of tomato. There was a crisp texture from the lettuce and bits of bacon. Drooling.


Aren’t they adorable? Our super chill friends modeling their dishes._MG_3968

Our friend in her cute Peruvian sweater enjoyed the Kale Omelet  with potatoes and toast for $7.75.


We had to order a side of the Short rib Hash for $4.75. The brussel sprouts were nicely roasted, had nubs of potatoes and shredded short rib. The stewy mixture was very rich and flavorful.


Overall, our brunch was exceptionally satisfying and we still have not been for dinner! Hopefully soon.
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Masa, South End, Boston

We have been to Masa in the South End for dinner and enjoyed the crispy fish tacos ($6.95) and the Masa Burger with monterey jack, bacon, avocado and Guajillo Ketchup. The bar area is pretty awesome, spacious and decorative wrought iron on the walls. The bar has $1.00 tapas and half off combo tapas platters from 5-7pm evenings.

We decided go to Masa for brunch and enjoy the two course brunch menu for $7.95.
This brunch deal is available Saturday 10 am – 3:30 pm and Sunday 9 am – 11:30 am. The thick squares of corn bread were addictive with the soft butter and jams.

The caramelized plantain empanada was dusted in powdered sugar and some cinnamon. The thick empanada dough was lightly sweet and the inside plantain filling was very satisfying. It sat on a creamy sweetened butter that offset the dough.

We enjoyed the beautiful hues from Huevos Rancheros with queso cotija and red salsa ranchero, toasted tortillas and black beans topped with crema, served sunny side up $8.95. The deep yellow of the egg yolk and chopped tomato and onions. The combination of textures and flavors were delicious.

Our dining companion seemed to enjoy creamy scrambled eggs with chorizo and Mexican farmer’s cheese. Next time.
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2012 Reflection: Readers Choice

It is that time of the year to look back on the year. We find it so interesting what recipes and restaurants were most Googled or read. Here are 2011 Reflections and this year’s favorites were a few Italian shops in the North End, Boston, BMH’s mom’s Vietnamese fresh rolls, French inspired baked brie, macarons and cakes from New York City, Puerto Rican food in Rio Piedras and in South End, Boston, kale chips, crab cakes, matcha cookies, salted caramel brownies and smores cookies bars.

Ida’s Restaurant is one of the best family run restaurant in North End, Boston and serves solid chicken parm, pastas and house salads.

Galleria Umberto, North End, Boston serves squares of cheesey and tomato pizza are so good. It is so sad we discovered Umberto later in our Boston game.

Vietnamese Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn Chay) s one of mom’s best recipes. So fresh and delicious.

Baked Brie  is an easy recipe for entertaining and its even better with some apricot, fig or raspberry jam and crackers.

We loved Laduree, New York. The line out the door was worth it to taste the creative macarons from Paris.

There is only one other place the could arguably beat it Pierre Hermes. You decide.

Lady M Cake Boutique, New York sells amazing eclairs, mille crepes and apple cakes . They are all decadent.

Sogo Asian Bistro, Rio Piedras is an unbelievable Asian, sushi restaurant and is fully appreciated when one is tired of the local cuisine.

When one is missing Puerto Rican and in Boston, Vejigante, South End, Boston is festive and serves yummy chunks of fried chicken, fried pork and trifongo.

All of our beloveds ask for us to make this recipe time and time again. If you make these Crabcakes and Remoulade Sauce you will be in good favor.

Nacho Kale Chips with cashew cheese is actually quite good. Just make sure to double the batch.

Salted Caramel Brownies are even better in a square shaped pan and the fudgey brownies are even better with salted caramel goo.

The S’mores Cookies Bars were a hit and the feeling of a campfire is even more manageable as a cookie bar.

Matcha white chocolate chip cookies is a new twist on a cookie. The caramel like white chocolate and hint of green tea offiers a nice flavor paired with tea.

Cheers to 2012! We are so grateful for our new friends and loyal readers. With gratitute. -The BMH sisters


Sibling Rivalry, South End, Boston

It has been sometime since we returned to Sibling Rivalry (BMH’s review of Sibling Rivalry). After a heavy monsoon like rain, met MVC since she has never been.

We started with the Cherry Champagne Cocktail house-made cherry bitters, raw sugar cube, champagne for $10. Love champagne cocktails and the flavor of the cherry. Not overly sweet and fun to drink.

One of the best aspects of the restaurant is the variety of its breads from corn bread to sesame baguettes to nut breads. All of them go well with the soft butter and is so easy to request a second basket, in fact we did.

The Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels in a Spicy Thai Chili-Ginger-Coconut Milk Curry with Cilantro and Lime for $10 were so fresh and tasty. The thai flavors were just so concentrated and really delicious, reminding me of the Thai Cooking class we took in Chiang Mai (BMH review of Smart Cook, Thai Cookery School, Chiang Mai).

We have enjoyed the Crispy Pressed Half Duck before and Sibling Rivalry knows how to make pressed duck, tender meat and perfectly crispy skin. The root veg and brussel sprouts over the Parsnip Puree went well with the jus.

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Guest Post: BMH’s Lil Sis: Toro, South End, Boston

Thrilled. It has come the day for our little sis to join us on BakingMeHungry. She has been tagging along on restaurants for ages and no surprise Lil Sis loves to bake. Doesn’t that sound like folks we know?! In fact, Lil Sis has blogger appreciation in her blood, because she turned us on to John Legend’s wifey’s blog SoDelushious.

For another perspective on Toro for Restaurant Week check out BMH’s RW Review Toro, South End. Completely different meal with different sister. Let’s hope Lil Sis wants to keeps on posting :) Song Dedication Family Affair by Mary J.

Toro: 8/22/12

My friend and I were very excited to finally visit as we have heard many rave reviews from our friends. Usually, Toro does not accept reservations but made an exception for restaurant week. It was clear everyone took advantage of this as well, for we arrived to a very busy, packed restaurant for a late lunch. The 3-course lunch menu consists of 4 tapas of your choice split amongst 2 people, 1 pinchos per person, and 1 dessert per person all for $20.12.

First were our individual pinchos, which the waitress explained are items that are eaten in “a few bites.” My friend ordered the “datiles con jamon” (which were dates filled with almonds and blue cheese wrapped in jamon serrano). We liked the strong kick of the blue cheese and the sweetness of the date together. For an additional $3 we ordered the “foie gras con cerazas” (foie gras with cherry walnut mostarda) which was delicious.Having never had foie gras, it was definitely something fun to try and would order again.

For our tapas, which were explained to us as small plates to be shared, we started with the “atun crudo” (yellowfin tuna with soy, spicy cucumbers, citrus, and avocado) for an additoinal $1, which was fresh and light which we enjoyed.

“asado de heusos” (roasted bone marrow with radish citrus salad and oxtail marmalade) – We were very excited for this plate, but unfortunately it was the least favorite of all of our dishes. The bone marrow didn’t have that rich flavor we were expecting. However, the oxtail that accompanied it was very tasty which made up for it.

“Pato con membrillo” (smoked duck drummettes with quinze glaze) – Having eaten duck primarily prepared in the asian style, we were curious to try the Latin take. We were pleasantly surprised. The meat was very tender, practically falling off the bone. The glaze had a nice barbeque flavor that we really liked.

For our last tapas, we knew we had to order the “maiz asado con aioli y queso cotija” (grilled corn with alioli, lime, esplette pepper, and aged cheese) as our friends had highly recommended it. We were not disappointed. This was our absolute favorite plate by far. The sweetness of the corn, and richness of the cheese was amazing. Though a bit messy to eat served on the cob, it was absolutely worth it and we would have happily had seconds. We both agreed we would return just to get this alone!

Finally for dessert we tried the churros con chocolate and manchego con membrillo. The chocolate sauce was rich which paired nicely with the crispy churros. Both were a nice finish to a great meal.

Having been our first visit, Toro did not dissapoint. Initially, we were worried there wouldn’t be enough food, but we were beyond full before dessert arrived. Overall, a very fun and great experience. We can’t wait for our next visit!

Toro, South End, Boston Revisited

We were at Toro for restaurant week and looking forward to some solid tapas for lunch. Although we have been to Toro for brunch and dinner, now we have staked our claim on lunch (BMH’s visit to Toro and Toro revisited).

For Restaurant Week lunch two people can choose 4 tapas, one pinchos and one dessert each for $22.12. The patio and interior was completely full and thank goodness for our reservation. Our meal was 2 hours and was well paced to catch up and enjoy the afternoon.

The Pan con Tomate had nicely toasted bread with tomato, the right bite of garlic, Spanish olive oil and the perfect level sea salt . We wish we had another portion.

The hierloom tomatoes with fried onions and green goddess dressing were refreshing and nicely seasoned. The dressing was smooth and creamy and went well with the sweetness and acidity of the multi hued tomatoes.

The Tuna Conserva was a slice of toasted bread with Spanish tuna belly, tomato tapenade and celery leaves. The tuna bella was oily and well seasoned, but nothing special.

The roasted bone marrow with radish citrus salad and oxtail marmalade is still a favorite. As children, the few times our mother attempted to make pho, she would use bone marrow in the soup base.  The creamy, gelatinous marrow went well with the sweet oxtail marmalade. The radish slices and slices of citrus cut the richness of the marrow.

The Mejillones, warm marinated mussels with basque cider (excluding the chorizo) were nicely prepared,  tasty, but we have had better mussels and broth elsewhere.

We had to have our obligatory Toro Maíz Asado con Alioli y Queso Cotija La Especialidad de la Casa. The grilled corn with alioli, lime, espelette pepper and aged cheese was nicely balanced, grilled and decadent. The cotija cheese on top of the corn with a tangy zing of lime was a real treat.

For dessert, we had sampling of one Churro con Chocolate and two slices of Manchego con Membrillo (jelly). The desserts were okay. The churros wasn’t freshly hot, but still went well with the chocolate.

After catching up on a friend’s South American adventures in Uruguay, Argentina and Peru, we were unveiled a lovely gift of Havanna alfajores.

The Argentinian Havanna brand of dulce de leche short bread cookies are an absolute favorite. They are so amazing. Happy like a love song (Haha had to plug Love You Like a Love Song. Just can not believe its Selena Gomez. Please don’t judge!)