Metropolitan Tea, Bond Restaurant, Langham Hotel, Financial District, Boston

Bar in the lounge area
Stunning ornate chandeliers
Isn’t that the cutest lil honey pot?
I ordered the Orchid Vanilla tea but had a change to sample the Citrus Mint as well. Both were delicious. The Orchid Vanilla was subtle yet semi-sweet. The Citrus Mint was very strongly scented, the hints of herbal orange wafting over before it was even served!
1st Course Scones with Devonshire Cream, Honeycomb and Beach Plum Jelly
My favorite combination was to lightly swipe some of the fluffy scone with some cream and then drizzle it with honey. I also liked the jelly, but would have preferred it paired with a baguette or wheat toast.

2nd Course Assortment of Tea Sandwiches
Maine Lobster “BLT”
If this came in a regular lunch portion, I would order it in a heartbeat. What’s not to like about sweet lobster combined with the salty heartiness of bacon on crunchy butter slices of baguette?
Meadow Brook Egg “Mimosa” with House Smoked Salmon
This was an interesting take on a deviled egg. When you bite into it, there’s some salmon roe mixed into the piped egg yolk mixture that gives you little surprise pops of salty goodness. Then your teeth sink into the smoked salmon that is hidden in the bottom.
English Cucumber, Farmer’s Cheese and Dill Sandwich
Simple, classic and delicious. What more can I say?
French Ham Roulade with Cornichons
Also another classic tea sandwich. My portion was a bit heavy on the cream cheese, but I’m sure that is probably because I dislike heavy amounts of cream cheese to begin with.
3rd Course, Assortment of Desserts, Boston Creme Pie, French Macaroons, Chocolate, Dipped Strawberry, Madeleine
These were rather disappointing to me. They were probably pre-made and not fresh as they should be. The texture of the pie and Madeleine were very dry. The macaroons were not even close to the taste or delicate crunch I’ve experienced with other locations. The only passable item was the chocolate dipped strawberry sadly. They may have just had an off day as well.

Overall, I enjoyed my first tea here. I highly recommend you go for the atmosphere and the first 2 courses. Also later at night Bond becomes a very popular nightspot that is great for people watching and they also serve some great cocktails!

Metropolitan Tea at Bond Restaurant in the Langham Hotel
Served daily from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
250 Franklin St.
Boston, MA 02110
Tel: (617) 451-1900, ext. 7777
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