La Laiterie, Providence

This local organic eatery is attached to Farmstead, Inc. and focuses on seasonal foods. The quality of the meat and cheeses are amazing. They were completely full when we stopped in so we dropped our names and headed next door for a quick drink at Haruki’s East. Once we were seated in the dimly lit dining area, they provided us with the bread basket. I will warn you that the bread basket is dangerous. Ours had 2 slices each of sourdough, focaccia, and cornbread with a side dish of smooth slightly sweet whipped butter. I was rather disappointed with our waiter. He forgot we wanted to do the Providence Restaurant Week prix-fixe below left. It sounded really yummy for my tummy.

The Ain’t Germain St. Germain, prosecco, lemon and mint

This was a wonderful aperitif. The elderflower liquor used really tastes like lychees and made it almost like a mojito by using muddled mint and lemon.

Cheesemonger’s choice of three cheeses accompanied with rhubarb raspberry jam, fresh honeycomb and Matt’s herbed thyme honey nuts.

The camembert was standard. I can’t remember the name of the middle one but it tasted nutty. Gastronomy cheesegasm hit when I ate the last cheese- Italian Verde Capra- a gorgonzola made from pasteurized goat’s milk. It may have been a strong, creamy, stinky cheese, but by golly, I sure loved it! All of this washed down well with a nicely chilled Alsace Hugel riesling.

Treat- smoked beef tongue bruschetta, beer braised onions, blue cheese
This was a very small taste of a really well-executed food I had never had before. The tongue was tender and had an aftertaste like liverwurst. The sweet onions and tangy sharp cheese paired well with the toasted warm bread. I wish they let you have two at least but we split this one no problem.
Small Plate- baked mac ‘n cheese with a molten center and a crusty, golden top

This is one of the best mac ‘n cheeses I have ever had. The rich creamy center with the thickly layered breadcrumb crust were great contrasts in texture. There was a hint of nutmeg and thyme in the bechamel sauce. This is supposedly the actual recipe used by the restaurant.

Entrée- Burger with gruyere and sweet pepper jelly on homemade brioche, polenta fries and garlic ranch aioli

The burger arrived close to well done even though we had ordered medium rare. The restaurant was close to closing so we didn’t send it back or notify the waitstaff. The cheese and sweet pepper jelly spread on the lush springy homemade bread tasted so delish soaked in the au jus from the burger. The polenta fries and aioli were an instant hit. Just be careful biting into them when they’re hot. They retain heat a lot longer than traditional fries.

Dessert- Rhubarb cake with vanilla ice cream and créme anglaise

This was a simple, well-executed dessert. Perfect for sharing without making you too full. I love créme anglaise in general so thumbs up.

Overall, my experience wasn’t bad. I would come back again to try more of the high quality charcuterie and cheeses, maybe even a beer flight. I would not recommend going here on a busy weekend evening however. Please note that this restaurant is only open after 5 pm, Tuesdays thru Saturdays and only accepts reservations for parties of 6 or more.

184-188 Wayland Ave.
Providence, RI 02906
Tel: (401) 274-7177

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