Fish Market, Allston

This is a very affordable sushi restaurant. It’s clean, not trendy, and on the small side. Decor is strictly from Ikea. The comfy chairs are the same color as a green matcha ice cream shake or a lighter green shade than wasabi. The fish is very fresh and the sashimi portions are generous.  Double sashimi slice size in comparison to other sushi joints I’ve been to.

When we arrived, it was completely packed. The hostess took our name, mobile phone number and provided us with a copy of the menu to make selections. There was no area to wait in so we were waiting outside the establishment with two couples ahead of us on the waitlist. I noted that the small sake and wine cups provided are chilled, which is a nice touch.

Avocado Ball with tuna, white tuna, wasabi roe, mixed with lemony mayo

This is a new item on the Fish Market menu. It’s thinly sliced near ripe avocado that gets lain on plastic wrap then filled with the tangy fish mixture. The tiny fruit on top is a bayberry, which tastes like an intense raspberry but with a pit. I really enjoyed this.

Hotate Hokkaiyaki, baked scallop on a half shell with spicy mayo, takes 20 min to prepare

I’ve had other versions of scallop hokkaiyaki, but I will admit I like this one best because it’s very spicy from chili paste and has small bits of vermicelli in it, which helps soak up any creamy oil from the spicy mayo.

Botan Ebi, Sake sashimi, Suzuki sashimi

Anyone who knows me knows that I love botan ebi. These large spot prawns are unusually sweet and have a fresh clean taste. The bodies are typically served raw with the heads served fried or tempura-ed. I know, you’re thinking, geez, she eats fried shrimp brains! Yes, yes I do! Whatcha gonna do about it?! Just kidding! The generous slices of sashimi were very fresh which made me happy. Nothing tasted old or metallic, signs of aged fish.

Seared Tuna Maki (top) roe, tempura flakes, cucumber, spicy mayo topped with seared tuna, unagi sauce, tabasco, spicy radish, Scorpion Maki (bottom) eel, roe, cucumber topped with shrimp

The seared tuna maki had extra Tabasco or chili paste on top which may be too spicy for some. You can always ask for less spicy mayo or chili paste. The scorpion maki was perfection. The eel was not too oily or overly covered in sweet barbeque soy sauce.

I will be definitely coming back here again any time I have a sushi fix. The wait staff and sushi chefs are very kind courteous and knowledgeable. Park in the lot behind Blanchards’ Liquor, on the surrounding streets, or take the T using the B Green line to the Harvard Ave. stop.

Fish Market Sushi Bar
170 Brighton Ave
Allston, MA 02134
Tel: (617) 783-1268

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