Tacqueria Mexico, Waltham

You’ve gotta love a little hole in the wall backstreet kinda place. It keeps it real. Decor is simple and the waitstaff are friendly and quick to come around to take your order. There’s a small area in the front for outdoor dining. We opted for the indoors and air-conditioning since it was so humid.

Complimentary chips and salsa

Crispy chips and homemade salsa that was slightly runny but very fresh


My favorite thing to accompany any Mexican food I eat. This was a good version, not overly spiced and had a hint of tomatoes.


A flattened oval shape of fried goodness, need I say more?


I didn’t get to try this because it was promptly devoured even though I was promised a bite! However, I was assured it was “very good.”


This combo plate gave me a chance to try a few different things. The chille relleno was very good and not covered in grease. The green chile enchilada was dry inside unfortunately. The beans were oversalted for my taste and the rice was perfect.

Lengua Taco

This was the surprise winner of the night. The tongue meat was juicy, tender, and unusually springy. I could have eaten a few of these.


Who doesn’t like something that tastes like a light rice or almond milk flavored with cinnamon? I adore horchata and have been known to make it on occasion. It was better than my old standby’s actually! It was a toss up between this and an aguafresca or jugo especiale. Next time.

This small restaurant is located in the industrial part of Moody St. Note that parking is very tough and only available on the right side of the street. The small lot in the back of the restaurant is full and only seems to fit about 6-8 cars.

24 Charles St.
Waltham, MA 02453

Tel: (781) 647-0166

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