Oga’s Japanese Cuisine, Natick

I adore this sushi restaurant. Words cannot express how much I enjoy coming here! I’ve been going here for several years and am surprised I haven’t written a review for one the places I go to most! It is a more modern sushi  restaurant but isn’t so modern that they don’t know how to do traditional sushi. They do have plenty of inventive maki! If you want to try a lot of things, making a meal of the various hot and cold appetizers is a great plan. They usually have monthly specials where they test out new items. Normally, I sit at the sushi bar and order omakase. Omakase is chef’s choice.
Inside one of the three private booths that seat 2-4 people. There is also a private tatami dining room.
Warm oshibori to clean your hands before eating
Moon Rabbit (Ume No Yado Tsukiusagi) Sake

One of my favorite inexpensive sparkling sakes around. It tastes a little bit like moscato. Note that sparkling sake does not have a high alcohol content. In that sense, it’s like a stronger beer.

Oga’s Sashimi Appetizer Chef’s choice, specially selected sashimi of the day

This is a mini-omakase appetizer. I’m never disappointed when I get this. Just ignore that it’s set at market price! It’s entirely worth it. You’re eating fishy art! This time around there was a kumamoto oyster, seared chutoro, sockeye salmon topped with uni, amberjack, seared hamachi, and kinmedai.

Chicken Kaarage deep-fried chicken with hot chili sauce and mayonnaise

In Japanese, kara means China and age means fried. The Chinese reference is related to marinating the chicken in ginger to get rid of any game-y taste or smell. This is a light and simple way to prepare crispy chicken. The chicken is moist and tender inside while the outside is nutty and gingery. This kaarage came with a barbecue sauce. I prefer it without the sauce or prefer eating with a light glaze of soy sauce or a soy-based dipping sauce.

Fried Oyster deep-fried oyster in bread crumb batter

Better known as kaki or kaki furai in Japanese, these tasty tidbits are wonderful if you love seafood. These particular oysters are lightly coated in panko bread crumbs, which help give them an added crunch. The Tonkatsu sauce on the side is just like a thicker, sweeter Worcestershire sauce.

House Salad (left) fresh green salad with house ginger dressing
Miso Soup (right) soybean soup with tofu and seaweed

The house salad is light and fresh. I like the cucumbers and grape tomatoes with the dressing best.  The miso soup is nothing special, quite standard and on this night, overly salty. I recommend the nameko miso soup, which is miso soup with mini-mushrooms.

Sushi and Sashimi Dinner for Two assortment of sushi and sashimi

This dinner was standard but not over the top. The fish was very fresh and the makimono included were spicy tuna and california maki. For sashimi, there was sake, hamachi and aji. Nigiri included maguro, sake and hamachi.

Extra ebi nigiri, just because!

If you’re looking for a great sushi experience in the suburbs or the greater Boston area, Oga’s is the place to go. Decor is traditional and modern Japanese mixed. Prices may be a bit more than standard but not having to drive too far certainly makes up for it. Service is always pleasant. The waitstaff is polite and prompt. I’ve never had a bad experience here. Even when it was very busy during peak dining times.

Note that this place is one of the few restaurants owned by Japanese but the employees are Chinese, if that is a point that matters to you. In my experience the high-end sushi and appetizers are out of this world yet the everyday sushi is average. The sake list is very good. It may be located in a stripmall but still, I love this frequenting this place. Some of my favorites include doing omakase at the sushi bar, the deluxe bento box, foil yaki, backdraft maki, eggplant dengaku, and hamachi usuzukuri. If you’re ever in the ‘burbs, please stop by and try Oga’s!

915 Worcester Rd.
Natick, MA 01760
Tel: (508) 653-4338

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