Candy: Pure Chocolate, Quincy

Pure chocolate Custom Gift Box
Raspberry creme fish

This looks so adorable! The fish even looks a little googly-eyed! It reminded me of a pink Disney Little Nemo. The filling didn’t taste very much like raspberry though. It was very ordinary. I was hoping for a hint of fresh fruit but it seemed more artificial in flavor.

Walnut and cranberry bark

This was a great classic chocolate combination that didn’t disappoint. The walnuts are glazed in a slightly sweet honey and the dried cranberries are on the tart side. Both provide crunchy contrast to the smooth, woodsy, subtly sweet chili-cinnamon dark chocolate.

Filled chocolates: Scotch creme (left) Creme fraiche (right)

The scotch creme had a subtle hint of scotch but it was very underwhelming. Same thing with the creme fraiche. When you bite into them, they are filled with semi-gooey ganache. They both smell good, but I didn’t care for either flavor mix much. I sense that filled creme chocolates may not really be Pure chocolate‘s strong point. I’m sure their unique flavors such as rose, lavender, or other liquor filled chocolates may taste much better.


Belgian milk chocolate square with peanut butter, caramel and salted potato crunch

When you bite into this you realize P2C2 is going for the sweet, salty and crunchy balance. There seems to be something like potato sticks mixed into the gooey peanut butter and caramel swirls. The chocolate is creamy and buttery. These would make a great holiday gift if you bought or did a mix-n-match set.

Big chocolate peanut butter cup (seen in top picture) This is what a peanut butter cup should be like! It’s about double the thickness of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. The fortified chocolate shell is somewhat thicker than a Reese’s though. The Belgian chocolate is rich and pairs nicely with the slightly salted creamy peanut butter.It smells strongly of dark chocolate and nuts. There’s a nice sheen to the chocolate. I have to say that this particular peanut butter cup isn’t something you can nibble. You have to really make a bit of an effort to bite through it.

Overall, this is a quaint, local chocolate shop with some unique items that are worth checking out. It’s located in a busier part of Quincy so parking may be a bit difficult to find.

102 Franklin St.
Quincy, MA 02169
Tel: (617) 328-6248

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One thought on “Candy: Pure Chocolate, Quincy

  1. Hey thanks so much for the review, someone just sent it to me. I feel bad that you were underwhelmed by the truffles and fish. Both of those items are not made by PURE, we supplement our line with some really unique things. I will say I am surprised you didn’t like them. P2c2 is an original creation and the PB cups is all us.!! thanks again Christina

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