Sea To You Sushi School, Brookline

We took Course 1: Intro to Making Maki Class at Sea To You Sushi School in Brookline. Sea To You distributes the freshest fish to all the top sushi restaurants in Boston.

The cost of class if $60 per person and you learn crucial fish handling facts, a bit of history of sushi (which can be thoroughly learned by reading The Story of Sushi An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice by Trevor Corson (author of The Secret Life of Lobsters) and the methodology to make basic sushi rolls.

The animated instructors, including humorous and warm proprietor Bon, make the experience special. Patrons can purchase fresh fish, sushi making tools and condiments such as soy sauce and wasabi.

These rolls look like a professional sushi chef trained in Japan? No, just a humble sushi loving student of Sea To You’s Sushi School. The class we took was Basics of sushi preparation and serving which included learning to make Maki Rolls seaweed inside, seaweed outside and jumbo roll.

Spicy Tuna with sesame seaweed inside

Jumbo Roll (Carrot, Cucumber and Spicy Tuna)

Now with a tremendous amount of Spicy Sauce (Mayo and Red Rooster, Sriracha Sauce).

Cute seaweed outside veggie rolls with Eel Sauce

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