Radius, Boston

Two restaurant powerhouses of Boston and co-founders of Radius are Christopher Myers (married to Joanne Chang of Flour) and Michael Schlow, a fearless contender on Top Chef Masters.

The steak tartare was delicious and had a balanced seasoning. The scallion pancake was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, comparable to ones you find in Chinatown.

Steak Tartare Negamaki Style, scallion pancake, spicy mango, soy gelee

The chicken meat was tender and chicken skin perfectly crisp. The yuzu emulsion was a bright surprise.

Crispy Chicken Confit summer beans, asparagus, wild mushrooms, yuzu emulsion

I heard that the Radius burger has competed in nationwide burger contests and is as good as Mr. Bartley’s and Craigie on Main. Although this $19 burger is on the bar menu, I ordered it for dinner. The beef is tender, very juicy and extremely fresh. The onion, horseradish concoction had the right sweetness and tang, and the crispy fries were unbelievable. Fantastic burger, worth its buzz and worth the try.

“The Burger” vermont cheddar, crispy onion and horseradish sauce

Boston Creme Donuts, dark chocolate ganache, vanilla crème

8 High St.
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 426-1234
Radius on Urbanspoon

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