Memories and Food: Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Hanoi

With a more recent yearning to return to Vietnam, I decided to add photos of the aromatic fresh and satisfying food enjoyed in 2006. The trip was full of impressionistic art, lacquerware, as well as majestic landscapes. What were most memorable were the delicious and inexpensive meals for under $5.

Ha Long Bay


Mushroom and tofu pho. The temperature was extremely warm +80 degrees in January, however, we were eating warm, but cooling Vietnamese soup in Ho Chi Minh City in District 1.

At the hotel in Hoi An, a central city with tailors, lantern and craft shops, I had a Vietnamese drip coffee and French inspired flan.  Have you ever tried weasel coffee?

Hoi An have many custom-made clothing, suits, dresses and they can make copies of designer dresses for Banana Republic prices.

In Hanoi, Northern Vietnam, there were many charcoal street meats, beef, pork and chicken.

Examples of the breath taking sculptures and art we saw


Some of the beautiful faces we met

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