No. 9 Park, Boston

I had a lovely dinner at No. 9 Park the other night. Although it was wonderful, there have been other times where service and food have surpassed this visit. I have been to this highly acclaimed restaurant several times for memorable occasions and a few Restaurant Weeks.  Service was great however, I feel the hostess and wait staff were somewhat over-apologetic, because they did not have our table ready on time.

This is a small restaurant in terms of space. The atmosphere is intimate and warm. It felt more like a cozy neighborhood locale than a stuffy restaurant. The decor is understated. There are nice sage green walls and pretty wall hangings that go well together.  We sat in the dining room furthest away from the bar which was perfect.

The four of us opted to each do the $69 prix fixe with drinks. We had glasses of Riesling, one strong cocktail that had gin, Lillet, cacao and lemon, and St. Adolphus Belgian beer. The beer itself was citrusy in taste and looked like pink grapefruit juice in the candlelight, when in fact it had tones of brownish orange.

Bay Scallop roasted lobster, pistachio, Meyer lemon

Succulent Bay scallops and lobster, a classic New England combination. What’s not to like? Both were tender and tasty.

Prune Stuffed Gnocchi foie gras, toasted almonds, Vin Santo

This is one of No. 9 Park’s signature starters. It’s delicious. The soft pasta goes well with the tart prunes and sweet syrupy Vin Santo. The foie gras was buttery and smooth.

I didn’t get to taste the Robiola Ravioli (not pictured) broccoli, mushroom brodo, ricotta. It looked good though and I was told it was done very well.

Cavendish Quail en Farce duck confit, chestnuts, foie raviolo

I really enjoyed this dish. The duck was delicious but there was one downfall. The duck skin was painfully tender and not what I was used to. I longed for the traditional crackly crunchy skin that I am so used to. I’m spoiled, I know. The duck meat itself was tender and wonderful which paired well with the meaty chestnuts and ravioli-encased rich foie gras.

Milk-fed Porcelet Bugurdian escargot, red cabbage, pumpkin seed

This is a great entree. Well done and showcases pork in four ways- shoulder, loin, belly, sausage- all lovely with the pumpkin seed puree.

Angus Sirloin potato mille-feuille, sauce Hollandaise, oysters.  The sirloin was meltingly tender. A hit.

Glace du Jour medley of house made ice cream

The flavors were caramel popcorn, cinnamon and chocolate on a layer of roasted white chocolate. The waiter was kind enough to bring a scoop of the fenugreek ice cream from another dessert because we were curious about how it tasted.

Sweet Potato Tart Tatin: It looked delectable and I was told it was an interesting take on a tart tatin.

Chocolate Marquis rosemary glace, olive oil, roasted white chocolate

This also looked like a good dessert to try. The chocolate fondant was rich, semi-sweet and thick in mouth feel.

Cheese Plate

Instead of a regular dessert, I went with a trio of cheeses. The waiter selected a soft goat’s cheese, a chestnut wrapped aged cheese and a blue cheese. It came with pear butter, grapes, macadamias and toast points studded with raisins. I love cheese and was very pleased with this dessert.

The waiter also brought over some gratis sparkling moscato to pair with our dishes. The sparkling moscato was like drinking overly sweetened champagne. I definitely enjoyed the bubbles.

Complementary truffles and passionfruit pate de fruits

Overall, I had a positive experience.  The staff is knowledgeable and attentive. I would certainly recommend people to come here but to realize they are paying for very small portions and the ability to be able to say they dined at one of Barbara Lynch’s first restaurants. Nonetheless, it is still a great restaurant for a special dinner or just because.

No. 9 Park
9 Park St.
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 742-9991
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