Candy: Hi-Chew and Sugar Heaven

Quite often I crave Asian treats and candies such as Pocky, Yan Yan, Rice crackers, wasabi peas, Japanese rice crackers and Hi-Chew! (The Japanese version of Starbursts). I first discovered these chews at a local sushi spot and have tamed my fix when I successfully purchase them at the C-Mart in Chinatown.

I have only tried Melon, which has a great flavor, but I am looking forward to trying Blood Orange, Dragon Fruit, Grapefruit, Lychee, Mango and Yuzu.
On the search for international chocolates such as Milka, Kinder, Ritter and Cadbury, I went to Sugar Heaven. The Boston version of Dylan’s Chocolate in NYC, there is a great selection of novelty candy, king-size candy bars and priced per pound candy mixes. Downstairs is an ice cream area with all the International chocolate selection. Although a bit pricey, when you are looking for the hard to find sweet items, this is the place in Boston to get the sweet items I crave.

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