Winsor Dim Sum Cafe, Chinatown, Boston

Winsor Cafe was introduced to me from a friend, who enjoys food as much as I do. Winsor serves dim sum everyday and not via carts pushed by “seasoned” Chinese women. Although the variety of dim sum is not as vast as other weekend dim sum restaurants such as China Pearl, Winsor serves enough of the main stay dim sum items on a daily basis to garner many local customers. In addition, the restaurant also serves typical Chinese pan-fried noodles, rice and meat entrees.

As displayed in the chef figure below, this food is good. His other hand would show a second thumbs up if he wasn’t serving delicious food.

We tried the general gao’s chicken served with broccoli. The chicken had a crispy coating (from using cornstarch), tender chicken meat and a nice soy garlic glaze.

Crispy General Gao’s Chicken

The Char Siu pork buns (Bao) had red barbeque pork cubes inside the fluffy, lightly sweet dough.

Char Siu pork buns

Once you bite into a soupy dumplings, this luxurious and aromatic broth bursts out of the dumpling to reveal meat.

Soupy Dumplings (Xiao long bao)

There are few vegetable fried rice I enjoy more. Winsor’s rice has a nice balance  of texture with the water chestnuts, bean spouts and celery. A must try!

Vegetable Fried Rice

Winsor Dim Sum Cafe on Urbanspoon

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