Toro, South End, Boston

We’ve been wanting to try Ken Oringer’s Toro (next to Mike’s City Dinner BMH Review) in the South End for some time. Our friend’s family believes Toro’s tapas are better than in Barca. We think they are delicious, we am not willing to wait hours on a Friday night (no reservations). Not only is Toro known for the tapas and sangria, they have the best churros in Boston.

We went to Toro at its opening at 10:30 for brunch. Dessert first. Alas, we have found the best churros in Boston at Toro. Thin, crispy, thin and dusted with sugar and cinnamon. They are served with a side dish of orange liqueur flavored chocolate. Although the churros are tasty with the dipping chocolate, they are perfect eating them alone.

At the Luxardo brunch, with special Italian and Spanish fusion dishes, we chose huevos rancheros, Italian bolognese patatas bravas, jamon wrapped dates and elote (mexican corn).

Italian bolognese patatas bravas $7

Our favorite savory dish of the brunch was the bolognese patatas bravas. The potatoes were crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and sopped up the red sauce. The runny yolk of the egg on the bolognese gave an additional richness to the already luxurious dish.

Jamon wrapped dates $6

The medjool datiles were filled with Marcona almonds and Cabrales blue cheese, wrapped in Jamon Serrano. The blue cheese was slightly too strong, but overall the saltiness of the jamon and sweetness of the dates were similar to eating a fleur de sel caramel.

Huevos Rancheros

The huevos rancheros were served in a cast iron skillet with the toasted tortillas on the side, versus in within the dish. The crema, salsa roja and runny eggs were a bit too watery, but the flavor with cotija cheese and black beans was balanced.

Elote Mexican Corn

We had such high expectations for the corn. Unfortunately the grilled corn was not fresh (most of the kernals were dry) and slathered with too much aioli, to the point it was overpowering the lime and cotija and difficult to enjoy without removing a majority of the aioli. We’ll definitely try this again at Toro, but we do prefer the corn at La Verdad.

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