Hot Doug’s, Chicago

Flashback to Chicago. Food and restaurant heaven. Straight from the airport, we took a cab to our first stop to the infamous Hot Doug’s.  The 1 hour wait and expensive cab ride from the airport was well worth the bountiful cornucopia of hot dog options. While waiting in line, lots of new visitors and regulars were discussing favorite hot dogs and the amazing duck fat fries.

Doug himself is extremely friendly and bombastic, yet he patiently waits for patrons to make final hot dog decisions.

The shoe string duck fat fries are only served Friday and Saturday. Best fries ever. The right amount of duckiness and saltiness.

Cute plastic figurines and toys related to hot dogs.

The hot dog bounty.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog with all the trimmings (pickle, celery salt),  Polish Sausage, The Sally Vega (formerly the Ace Patrick and the “Psycho” Ronnie Raines) Corn Dog, Cherry and Apple Pork Sausage

Hot Doug's on Urbanspoon

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