Gourmet Dumpling and Coffee House To Go, Chinatown, Boston

Gourmet Dumpling House has become the go to Chinese restaurant ever since its hit the Ritz Carlton suggested list. I found out about this little gem from my Cali raised friend.

The restaurant usually has 10 people waiting outside and I bet the pictures of Blake Lively and other photos of celebrities with the restaurants help popularize the place. To enjoy the food, without the hassle, take out has been a great option. I have never had any dish I didn’t like from here.

General Gau’s Chicken

Beef pan fried noodles

Spicy Salt and Pepper flounder

My favorite of this series is the spicy salt and pepper flounder. The flounder is lightly battered, has the perfect amount of seasoning and crisp. I have had spicy salt squid which is also delish.

Sauteed Crab with ginger and scallions

Gourmet Dumpling House on Urbanspoon

This egg pastry  is not from GDH, but from the Maxim Coffee House across the street, the custard is sweet, has a bounce and a flakey crust.

Usually there are older Chinese men who patron the coffee place, have a coffee and people watch.

Egg custard

Maxim Bakery on Urbanspoon

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