Sibling Rivalry, Boston

Sibling Rivalry’s concept is two brothers Bob and David Kinkead. They utilize  similar main ingredients to create dueling menus.

The first time I went was in 2009. My friends and I shared the had tuna tartar. Fresh and the tuna matched the citrus. I had the Korean style short ribs and a napoleon. The short ribs had a great hoisin bbq sauce and the napoleon pastry was crunchy and paired nicely with the custard and raspberries.

The second time around, was a busy evening an we waited for our reservation 20 minutes. Although the food was great, the service was slow and less attentive than I remembered.The raisin bread was full of grains and the soft, sweet brioche with the salted butter was delightful. I had to ask for a second helping!

For this sitting, we had the prix fixe steak tartar, parpadelle with sausage and mushrooms, rib eye with mash and roasted vegetables, crispy pressed duck with sweet potato gnocchi and chocolate bread pudding.

Ancho Chili Steak Tartar, Cheese Pupusa, Pickled Cabbage, Tomatillo Relish, Avocado and Cilantro

Parpadelle with sausage, spinach and mushrooms

The duck’s skin was crispy and meat was moist and fatty. The duck came with sweet potato gnocchi which was delicate and soft.

Bone in ribeye, jus, onion ring, spinach and mashed potato

Chocolate bread pudding, vanilla ice cream and pistachios

Sibling Rivalry on Urbanspoon

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