Duckfat, Portland

Duckfat has been featured in all the food centric magazines, including Food and Wine for their amazing food. This extremely small restaurant is worth dining at.

We went to Duckfat when it opened at 11A for lunch. Duckfat is a great lunch spot and has an extremely inviting atmosphere, featuring local artists on the brick walls.

There are pretty naughty sentences and notes in refrigerator magnet form.

Duckfat is known for duckfat fries, but also the panini sandwiches and shakes.

We tried one of the specials, Chocolate Raspberry shake with a raspberry sauce and layers of chocolate sauce. There is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, chai latte shake flavors as well.

Our friend (and photographer below) had a half chocolate and vanilla with malt flavor shake. He also had locally roasted coffee from Coffee By Design in a bodum french press.

We tried a large cone of classic Belgian fries made with local Maine potatoes fried in duck fat with Truffle Ketchup and Garlic Aioli. There was also other side sauces for additional $1.00, including horseradish mayo, curry mayo, thai chili mayo, sweet & spicy mustard and Duckfat Gravy. I really liked these fries (better than Hot Doug’s thinner fries), because they were a thicker cut with crispy exterior and soft center.

We had the duckfat gravy with the poutine, thick Duckfat fries topped with Pineland Farm Cheese Curd & duck gravy. The fries sopped up the gravy and the melty cheese curd was delish.

We tried the B.G.T., a bacon, Fern Hill Farm’s goat cheese, Olivia’s Garden tomatoes panini. There was a bright lemony flavor (from the tomato juice). The creamy goat cheese was a nice compliment to the crispy bacon.

Instead of ordering the Duckfat Beignets, we had the special, churros fried in duckfat and a spicy hot chocolate sauce. They with thin, coated with cinnamon and sugar and the spicy chocolate was very nice.

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One thought on “Duckfat, Portland

  1. My husband and I have been known to get in the car and drive to Portland for a serving of Duck Fat’s amazing fries. I’m curious to see how Saus will stand up next to these, because these really are in a league of their own. Thanks for posting, we might have to take a day trip this weekend! 😉

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