Bonchon, Allston

Korean fried chicken = AMAZING. Bonchon is located near Blanchard’s and across from White Horse Tavern and serves some of the best chicken, specificlaly Korean’s fried chicken out there. (Dare we say better than Southern chicken?) We hate to perpetuate this common perception, but whenever we go to KFC and Popeye’s, there are adorable seasoned Asian couples eating fried chicken. We love our fried chicken!

There is a side dish of coleslaw that cuts the spice of the chicken. Bonchon was a  great experience and I wish I took some soy garlic chicken wings home. Our waiter was the most pleasant, patient and thoughtful server.

The chicken itself is double fried with the choices of soy garlic, mild spicy, hot spicy and bbq sauces. Unfortunately, being so packed, the chicken strips were sold out. (This means another trip is warranted!)

This Bonchon also has sushi such as spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail , eel avocado and a unique hummus sushi.

The sweet hummus sushi is a mix of sweet potato tempura, hummus, cucumber with unagi sauce

The crispy philly maki is cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, avocado, lightly battered and deep fried. o. multi tobiko, scallion, red onion. with unagi sauce, sweet chili sauce

Pork buns (similar to Momofuku)

House Fried rice (the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere because of the balance of the flavors, vegetables and tender chicken)

Kushiyaki Combo A: bacon & scallop, chicken, chunks, scallion

Tiramisu mochi

Bon Chon on Urbanspoon

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