Momofuku Milk Bar, Midtown, NYC

Momofuku Milk, located in Midtown is a fabulously kitschy bakery. The soft serve, cookies, cakes and cookies are unique and childlike. David Chang’s empire has expanded due to Christine Tosi, pastry chef and part owner of the bakery. Christine will be coming out with a Milk Bar recipe book soon.

The neon light “Milk” is right above the soft serve machine.

Birthday cake, an upscale version of the boxed Funfetti or Rainbow Chip with rainbow cake crumble, sprinkles and vanilla frosting.

The famous crack pie, a buttery, brown sugary cookie filling with oat crust.

Compost, cornflake, chocolate chocolate, blueberry and cream and peanut butter cookies.

I tasted the cereal milk and salted pistachio. Of the two flavors, get the salted pistachio. The salted pistachio was an unreal combo. The fresh pistachio combined with a fleur de sel caramel-like flavor was delicious. The cereal milk flavor is comparable to malted milk.

I loved the compost cookie (pretzel, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and chocolate chips). In addition, I really liked cornflake, marshmallow chocolate chip cookie.

The birthday cake truffle is a tiny version of the birthday cake with rainbow cake and vanilla frosting.

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