Jambon et Fromage Sandwich (Ham and Cheese Sandwich)

On dreary days, a cozy grilled cheese sandwich really is a wonderful pick me up. Buttery, toasted bread with ham and  melty cheese (jambon et fromage). A simple meal, but done right is tremendous. This sandwich makes me think of all the Crepe Complet I had in Paris melted cheese, ham and a thin crispy crepe. Here are my tricks…

Toast french loaf slices (I love Trader Joe’s or Nashoba Brook french loaves) in the toaster for 4 minutes and heat  a tablespoon of butter in a cast iron or non-stick pan.

On one of the slices of toasted bread, place a slice of full fat swiss cheese and add a piece of foil to the bottom of the toaster oven. Let the  swiss cheese and melt for one minute.

Place the toasted slices into the melted butter and toast for an additional minute until butter absorbed into bread and the bread browns further.

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