Oye’s Restaurant, Reading

Oye’s reminds me a lot of All Season Table in Malden. Oye serves Pan Asian restaurant that features jazz on Friday nights and has only been open for 6 months now. The restaurant had a large wait and the bar was packed.

Although the decor is modern, there is a varying mix of customers, friends, couples on dates, families in casual dress.

The drink menu has Mai Tais and fruity drinks for $5-$8. They also have larger versions of the drinks in large tumblers.

The sushi is fresh, eel avocado, spicy tuna and spicy tuna and have all the other sushi options. I could count 4 or 5 sushi boats going through the dining room and the sushi bar seemed backed up due to popularity.

Our Asian American waiter was very eager, friendly and very persistent. We ordered boneless bbq spareribs, which were overly sweet and a bit chewy.

The run of the mill peking raviolis were pan fried and a good starter.

The beef and broccoli was well seasoned and a hearty portion size.

The vegetable fried rice had a nice balance of veggies, sprouts and egg.

Overall, I would go back here if I was in the area, but if I had a choice between All Seasons or Oye, I would go to the former for delicious Pan-Asian food in a modern dining atmosphere.

Oye's Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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