Petit Abeille, Gramercy, New York

Petite Abeille is adorable. You feel as if you are in a nautical brunch place with Tin Tin characters and books plastered in the back walls. I grew up reading volumes of the Tin Tin stories , as my father did, and so I really appreciated all the childlike nostalgia.

The moment I sat down with my friends, I started spreading soft butter onto the fresh French bread and reveled in delight. The coffee was also was strong and soothing.

My friend who chose the brunch spot mentioned Petit Abeille is great for the Belgian waffles because it is a Belgian restaurant, so I decided to try the most simple way to try them, with maple syrup. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and drenched in sweet syrup. Heaven.

 Gaufre Au Sirop D’Erables waffle with petite abeille maple syrup

The waffle was soft, tender and was delightful with the light maple. I did get to try my friend’s omelette and the potatoes they came with were fluffy, buttery and amazing.

Omelete De Bastogne, tomato, goat cheese & asparagus

Petite Abeille on Urbanspoon

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