Sanctuary T, Soho, NYC

After searching throughout Soho and passing 3 brunch places that were not opened until 11am. Sanctuary T indeed was the brunch and tea sanctuary.

The music selection was perfect, including Adele. The album covers were projected against the wall as the songs were played.

My friend ordered a $8 green tea, mimosas, coffee and even bacon egg and cheese croissants. The waitress turned the hourglass as she started service.

The Irish Breakfast $16 Eggs, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausage and toast

I enjoyed the Farmer Omelet $13 Asparagus and feta cheese, country potatoes and mixed greens. The greens were lightly dressed and the saltiness of the feta was delicious in the omelet.

At the end of service, we were given packets of free loose leaf tea to bring home and extend our tea experience.

I would definitely be back for proper lunch, tea and dinner.

Sanctuary T on Urbanspoon

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