Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, New Haven, CT

Frank Pepe’s crust is unbelievable. Although this pizzeria is famous for the white clam pizza, we waited in line for approximately 45 minutes to try red sauce and a unique white sauce pizza.

The original Frank Pepe’s

The second Frank Pepe’s with a large dining room.

What makes the thin crust pizza so special? The fresh ingredients? The coal oven? Was it worth the wait in the rain and in the line? Yes. The line never waned throughout the entirety of our wait, which is a testament to the loyal customers and newcomers. A lot of folks drove by to pick up their take out.

Friend’s Pepe’s salad- greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, viniagrette

Half sausage half cheese pie

White spinach, mushroom and gorgonzola pie

The final effort

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2 thoughts on “Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, New Haven, CT

  1. While Pepe’s is famous for starting the white clams pizza, their regular red sauce is just as equally famous. In fact my friends usually get the white clams, while I usually get the red sauce pizza. When I lived in NYC, I couldn’t find a better pizza.

    Plus, the coal oven is definitely nice but it’s not absolutely mandatory to get a good pizza. Modern Apizza a few blocks away in New Haven makes an excellent pizza and they use gas ovens (not coal ovens). Just some F.Y.I.

    – Long time New Havener

  2. By the way, if the line in front of the large building is too long, don’t get put off by the small building in the back. It’s run by Pepes and their pizza is not any different than the pizza made in the large building. Except maybe they don’t have a coal oven. They usually don’t have a line.

    – a long time New Havener

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