Sweet Cupcakes, Boston

When Johnny Cupcakes, the hipster, club kid t-shirt retailer came onto the Newbury Street scene, I thought it genuinely was a cupcake shop. With dismay, it was not, and shortly Sweet Cupcakes sprouted on Mass Ave. Now there are Harvard Square, Newbury Street location and Financial District locations.

The cupcake shops makes their cupcakes in a commissary outside of Boston and also offers shots of frosting if you do not want the cake. I have given Sweet Cupcakes as small tokens and birthday gifts and every recipient gets sheer joy from a cupcake.


Chocolate and vanilla

Boston Creme Pie cupcake


My favorite was the Banana Creme cupcake with the spoon.  Fluffy chiffon cake stuffed with banana cream, topped with traditional whipping cream, chocolate ganache and a sliver of cherry.

Boston Cream Pie: Sweet chiffon cake filled with homemade pastry cream topped with chocolate ganache and a frosting “cherry”

Chocolate Covered Pretzel: Chocolate cake with  chocolate buttercream, dipped in pretzel crumbs and finished with a a miniature chocolate dipped pretzel.

I have tried the Karat Cupcake (carrot cake with vanilla frosting and a bit of gold leaf) it is also another favorite.

Sweet on Urbanspoon

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