Pho Pasteur, Chinatown, Boston

Vietnamese food is so aromatic, fresh and healthy and great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At least once a month we go to Pho Pasteur for a fix and we have been going to Pho Pasteur (Le’s) for as long as we can remember with family and now with friends. Our parents would always order a Pho Tai, the aromatic thinly sliced beef with broth, rice noodles, spouts, and mint, but as of late we have been ordering vermicelli noodle bowls.

Two essentials in life: Tea and Sriracha

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls) rice noodles, basil, chicken and lettuce $3.50

Sweet peanut dipping sauce with crushed peanuts on top

Bun Thit Heo Nuong Cha Gio (Grilled pork, vermicelli bowl with Egg Roll) $7.95 The combination of the fresh, thinly sliced cucumber, carrots with peanuts, vermicelli and marinated, grilled pork is so delicious.

Nuoc cham, lightly sweetened fish sauce dipping sauce

Cha Gio (egg roll)s with a crisp exterior, ground pork, carrots, rice vermicelli

A little spice from peppers for pho or the fish sauce.

Pho chay (Vegetarian pho with broccoli, baby corn, carrot, aromatic broth and sprouts)

My favorite shakes are Mango and Sinh To Trai Bo (Avocado Shake) for $3.75.

Buttery, icy avocado goodness with sweetened condensed milk

Pho Pasteur on Urbanspoon

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