Legal Seafoods, Prudential, Boston

Legal Seafoods is an institution in itself in Boston. There are many locations throughout Boston, but I have tried the Copley and Prudential locations. For a lobster enthusiast, I have given a gift certificate for them to enjoy several fresh lobster dinners at the restaurant or through online, home delivery.

A lot of tourists flock to both of these locations to try their hand at fresh lobsters and creamy clam chowders. The warm rolls and butter are addictive, as well as the calamari.

My sisters love seafood and so we split several dishes. We had the fresh steamers with drawn butter for $14. The flavor was delicious and we devoured the appetizer in no time.

The Fried Fisherman’s Platter with succulent shrimp, tender scallops, calamari, clams and scrod, lightly crisp french fries and tartar sauce for $27 was a fried seafood dream.

The Arctic Char Special was nicely blackened and very flakey. The fresh lobster and creamy mashed potato sides in the background was tasty.

We thought it was very clever that our server used a remote payment system to process our payment. It’s clear Legal Seafoods is a leader in efficiency and technology in the restaurant space.

Legal Sea Foods - Prudential Center on Urbanspoon

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