El Trobador, Barcelona

We wanted to try one of the Cacheiro Group chain (who also owns Pulperia). El Trobador is located in L’Eixample on Enric Granados and Diagonal right near the Astoria Hotel. We are glad we tried, stick to the tapas and avoid the entrees.

El Trobador is lower priced from other tapas places and is circus themed. We sat outside dining al fresco. The waiters were less relaxed paced and quick to take our order.

Fried potatoes with runny eggs

We ordered some Pa amb tomàquet, iry bread rubbed with tomato. Each patrons pay for bread approximately 1.5 Euros. per person

I really enjoyed the fried ham and cheese croquettes. They were nicely fried and had a nice filling.

The Gazpacho Cortijero con Picadillo Tradicional 5.5 euros was refreshing and I enjoyed the texture of diced green pepper, onion and red pepper and crunchy croutons.

The Paella Mixto was mediocre.

The paella was soggy, the seafood did not seem fresh and did not have a crunchy bottom. Needless to say it was a disappointment.

Very rich, creamy, cheesy, meat filled canneloni with truffles

I would definitely go back for lower to moderate priced tapas, but not for the average execution on the entrees.

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