La Taverne del Clinic, Barcelona

La Taverne del Clinic on Rossello, 155 in Eixample at the Hospital is clever. Right in the hospital area is La Taverne which had the most memorable patatas bravas.

La Taverne has its own beers and we sat at the bar. The chefs were trained at Santi Santamaria of El Raco de Can Fabes, a 3 Michelin starred restaurant.

 Large ice cubs, lemon and Coca Cola light

Thinly sliced, fried potatoes, a runny fried egg and thin and crispy jamon. Heaven.

The famous Taverne Del Clinique patatas bravas. They look so colorful don’t they?

Cylindrical potatoes with a hollowed out well for bravas sauce and sesame seeds

When you eat one patatas bravas, the sauce bursts and coats your mouth, a surprising experience. 6 cylinders for 6 euros.

Although I read the Huevos fritas con trufa negra rallada, fried eggs with shared truffles and baby vegetables is a must try, we will have to visit again to enjoy.

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