The Caper Grill, Radisson Blu, Split

The Radisson Blu Hotel dinner space is the Caper Grill. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace, overlooking the Adriatic was dimly light with tea lights.

We started with bread, butter and olive spread. The olive spread had a nice tang and went well with the soft and crusty bread.

The chicken consomme had with several delicate raviolis and mushrooms and I enjoyed the clear broth and texture of the mushrooms. The toasted crostini was a nice way to sop up some broth and enjoy.

The creamy mushroom broth, truffle oil and a crostini had a nice earthy flavor and was quite rich.

The asparagus ziti, cooked al dente with parmesean shavings and slightly crisp asparagus was exceptional.

We really enjoyed the flavorful beef ragout risotto, cooked perfectly with shavings of parmesean. It was a bit heavy and we could only get through half.

Although the restaurant was busy, the waiters visibly seemed a bit overwhelmed. Our waiter’s suggestions were spot on and we enjoyed our meal tremendously, however we felt he was constantly up selling for additional wine, entrees or dessert.

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