Mike’s Pastry, North End, Boston

Mike’s Pastry, located on Hanover Street is a North End institution. With famous patrons such as the United States Presidents, locals and tourists both frequent Mike’s. I have special ordered items to go including birthday cakes and pastries, as well as had their table service. The few front tables at the front of the store are for table service only and they are usually always full.

Cupcakes, cream puffs and lobster tail cream puffs

Two items I had no idea Mike’s offers: pies and smoothies.

Italian cookies, chocolate chip cookies and marzipan

My favorites cakes from Mike’s are strawberry cream filled cakes (with pastel roses) and the chocolate cakes. They have light whipped cream frosting, filled with fruit and light sponge.

When sharing, I always order their lobster trail. Whenever I want to enjoy the decadence of a lobster tail all by myself, I will order a chocolate covered lobster puff.

Cream puff, filled with light sweetened whip or ricotta cream covered in solidified chocolate

Each person’s preference and cannoli loyalty varies, but my friend enjoyed her chocolate chip covered cannoli at Mike’s. Modern does fill their cannolis fresh.

Mike's Pastry on Urbanspoon

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