Saus, Boston

We have been meaning to go to Saus for quite some time. Belgian fries and wafflesare a welcome addition to Boston. Saus is located in a perfect location, next to Paddy O’s by Faneuil Hall and the North End for the late night snacking.

My favorite characters Tin Tin and Snowy were posted on their walls.

Saus should serve Belgian beers, however, we settled on a Coca Cola and a cranberry and seltzer.

We had the large size Pomme frites, Belgian style fries. They had a nice lightly salted and crispy exterior and soft potato interior ($7.00).

We had a fried cage free egg for an additional $1.50. The rich yolk was still a bit runny on the inside and oozed right on to the fries.

There were a variety of dipping sauces for the fries. We tried the Cheddar and Duvel Ale sauce, Bacon Parmesean, ketchup and mayonnaise. By far the homemade mayonnaise and bacon parm were my favorites. They were creamy and gave a nice flavor to the fries.

Belgian Liege Waffle was really good. I liked the texture of the sugar crystals on the waffle itself. The lemon curd cream and powdered sugar had a nice balance of tart and acidic and sweet.

Belgian Liege Waffle with Salted Carmel. Of the two waffles lemon curd versus caramel, definitely choose the salted caramel. The salted caramel had a nice juxtaposition of salty and sweet.

On my second visit, I had an ice coffee, a small fries for $4.00 and their homemade mayo.

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