Max Brenner, Boston

I finally made it to Max Brenner, the fairly new addition to Boylston Street. Max Brenner is a better chocolate version of the Cheesecake Factory, serving chocolate liqueur cocktails, American fare and chocolate desserts such as waffles, crepes, cookies, fondue, frappes and sundaes.

Max Brenner has al fresco seating and the store front sells truffles, chocolate, bonbons, great for gifts and a chocolate fix.

Chocolate store front

Canister of caramel pecan rolled in praline paste and fine cocoa powder for $11.50. These were the best tasting chocolate I have had in a while.

Chocolate covered pecan praline sample. Yum.

MB Logo

Chocolate chai and lady finger

Max’s White Russian absolut vodka, kahlua, white chocolate served on the rocks and served with a skewer of marshmallows

The Brenner Burger, angus beef, barbeque sauce, cheddar and vidalia onion ring served with paper cones of crispy waffle fries

I had a really warming lemongrass tea infusion. It had a nice acidity and calming taste for $3.25.My friend had the swiss hot chocolate milk hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream on top which is very similar to the suisa I had in Barcelona for $5.25. It was creamy, lightly sweet and velvety.

My friend tried the corn croquettes with white corn, manchego cheese dusted in panko bread crumbs for $7. He didn’t seem that pleased and said the flavor wasn’t enjoyable.My friend tried Satisfaction Guaranteed, castries peanut liqueur, caramel liqueur, milk chocolate served up $12.95. He said it had a light peanut and sweet flavor served over a nice stemless martini glass of ice and a side of peanuts.

Max Brenner on Urbanspoon

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