Red Lantern, Back Bay, Boston

Red Lantern is a new Asian and sushi restaurant, next to Zocalo on Stanhope (formerly STIX). I would characterize the restaurant as similar to Tao or Buddakan in NYC or an upscale pricier P.F. Changs. The ambiance is industrial Asian, very zen and fun. The patrons were a mix of families, professionals, suits and casually dressed couples.

The entrance has large wooden doors, buddhas and stone statues and red fixtures.

I loved the bar with high ceilings and glowing red lanterns. They remind me of Hoi An, Vietnam with lanterns hanging throughout the town.

Open dining room with industrial ceilings

Open kitchen with buddha heads on the wall and cherry blossoms.

Shanghai Street Sangria (Plum Sake, Lillet Rouge, Bacardi Dragonberry, Ciroc Red Berry) $10.

Spicy Tuna and Spicy Yellowtail $7 each

The fresh spicy rolls had the spicy mayo sauce dolloped on top of the roll, versus within the fish which was a nice surprise.

Beef Broccoli and Asparagus $24 Sesame short rib, asparagus, american and chinese broccoli. What is described as sesame short rib was really just tender slices of beef. The beef and broccoli was tasty, but you could get the same dish (maybe with lower quality meat) for $8 in Chinatown.

A  complimentary chocolate cake was a nice birthday surprise for my friend. There was a wasabi flavored mouse and a luscious ice cream.

Overall, the service was very thorough, attentive and the food was tasty, however expensive.

Red Lantern on Urbanspoon

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