McCormick and Schmicks, Bay Bay, Boston

We were in search of happy hour specials and McCormick and Schmicks was highly recommended. During happy hour, they have  generous discounts on food.The bar was quiet when we first arrived around 5:30 and was quite busy around 6:30pm, when we left.

The bar interior had dark wood.

I have heard that in Boston, establishments can not discount of alcohol, but have the ability to discount food.

Margarita on the rocks for $7.95

The oyster bar was filled to the brim with oysters.

Since it was Tuesday $1 Oysters, we had several fresh Wellfleets.

For $2.95 we had a half pound cheeseburger and fries. The burger were hearty, covered in gooey cheddar. The bun was so so, but the burger itself was very juicy. The fries were soft on the inside and lightly crisp on the exterior.

Buffalo Wings and Bleu Cheese for $3.95 were good. The wings were well coated and meat was tender inside.

We also had the mussels with garlic and white wine sauce for $3.95. The broth had a great balance and I wanted to dip my fries from my burger in the broth.

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