All Season’s Table, Malden Revisited

We went on two other visits to All Seasons Table since the last All Seasons Table review. The restaurant is always packed Thursday, Friday and Saturday when there is live jazz. Those particular nights are an hour wait and its evident, good word of mouth and a strong reputation spreads like wildfire.

The restaurant’s success is warranted because the ambiance is zen modern, service is always impeccable and the variety of Pan Asian bounty is plentiful. Recently, AST has expanded and built a second dining room.

We really enjoyed the warming green tea with interesting glasses with rubber hand warmers.

The Japanese Miso soup was nothing overwhelmingly special, but still tasty ($2.00).

We had to order the spicy Edamame, seasoned with with garlic, tamarind and chili pepper. A favorite.

We really enjoyed the roti canai, Malaysian pancake and Singapore curry was mouth-watering, one of the best dishes of the house. I loved the crispy pancake and curry sauce.

The tempura calamari was so light and airy. I really liked the heat of the chilis ($9.95).

The peking duck was really tender and the crunch of the vermicelli, peanuts and lettuce really went well with the sweet plum sauce. I’ve ordered this item multiple times now and it is such a crowd pleaser. P.F. Chang’s version has nothing on AST’s ($14.95).

In the sushi boat was spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, eel avocado, tempura shitake mushroom and idaho sweet potato rolls. They were all high quality sushi grade fish and well-crafted. My favorite was the Idaho, sweet potato maki which had tempura in the roll as well. It was sweet, crispy and satisfying.

We enjoyed several specialty rolls including the Dragon roll (sweet potato, eel and tobiko), crispy salmon roll, spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, eel avocado, tempura shitake mushroom and idaho sweet potato rolls.The Lady in Red maki, tuna, crispy soft shell crab with a sweet balsamic glaze is our Mom’s favorite roll. She always orders this roll and talks about it ($13.95).

The yellow pan-fried noodles were really crispy and embraced the brown sauce, snap peas, carrots and proteins really well ($11.95).

The smooth Malaysian curry really enhances the chunks of tender chicken and lightly fried onion. The entree is served with a nice dome of white rice and freshly blanched broccoli ($11.95).

The steak was well cooked and had grill marks and was surrounded by a nice, slightly salty black pepper sauce. By adding a little bit of rice to a slice of black pepper steak, it made the perfect bite ($13.50).

We enjoyed the Sesame Crispy Chicken, but you can find this at most Chinese places ($13.50).

AST’s pad thai was more savory and spicy than other versions of pad thai. It also had thai turnips, egg, scallion, bean sprouts ($9.95).

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