Mela Revisited, South End, Boston

We revisited Mela as a duo and as a group and both times were fantastic. Although the restaurant can be considered pricey, we had a few coupons from online deals giving more incentive to dine.

Mela is located on Restaurant Row and owned by the One World Cuisine (Diva in Cambridge, Kashmir on Newbury, Mantra in Downtown Crossing), it could not be more convenient for standby for our favorite Indian dishes.

The lanterns and white sculptures and copper set the ambiance. I think the restaurant is a well decorated one. In addition, we always get a table and are greeted by friendly staff wearing brown shirts with Pure on the front.

The mulligatawny soup, made with lentils, vegetables and spices is warming and a nice start $4. The time we visited a small group, we received an amuse, the other visit as a large group, we did not.

Meat Samosa, spicy turnovers stuffed with minced lamb and spices, with a small garden salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes served with special dressing. I love the sauces that come with the samosas and give additional flavor to them. Two samosas for $5

Although we had plain naan, I highly suggest the fresh garlic naan. It is fantastic.

We tried the Malai Kofta, vegetable balls cooked in a nut sauce with herbs and spices. I really enjoyed the creamy sauce and there was only two vegetables in the dish, which is a bit meager for $15.

As an old standby, we ordered Palak Paneer, cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce. It is nice to have a range of choices from Mild to Hot for $14.

Next we tried the Daal Makhni, lentils sauteed in butter, spices and topped with coriander $13. The lentils were hearty and the coriander gave that added hint of freshness. I know there is a population which have a negative reaction to coriander and I am glad I do not.

The smooth raita yogurt with shredded cucumbers, potato & mint was cooling when we needed to cut the heat of the spices $2.

The Lamb Korma, cooked with nuts and raisins in a mild creamy sauce was really delicious and each bit had the sweetness of the raisin $17.

I enjoyed the Garlic Beef beef cubes and garlic in a curry, however the meat was a bit gristly and fatty. The flavor and heat of the curry was so good I just isolated the curry to eat with the basmati rice $14.

The lamb and beef on my individual plate.

In addition to kheer, we tried the Ras Malai for the first time, a cheese patty, cooked in a milk syrup, almonds and nuts. From here on out, I am sticking to the sweet, cardamom laced rice pudding.

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