Teany, Lower East Side, New York

Teany was co-owned by Moby, the singer and is currently run by his former girlfriend. My friend first introduced me to Teany years ago when we went for tea and vegan treats.

On the initial visit, I had the vegan coconut cake. It was so tasty that I inquired if they bake in-house. I remember the employee saying they buy them elsewhere. In fact, I loved Teany so much, I bought one of their soft yellow t-shirts. What as icing on the proverbial vegan cake was on our first time Mike Myers was chatting with another gentleman.

More recently, we went to Teany, a warm summer day and I am not sure if Teany has lost its luster as it once had. We walked to the display case and my friend exclaimed her excitement for the vegan baked goods and the staff seemed taken a back borderline rude versus warm and friendly.

In any case, the baked treats and cakes were moist and delightful and the tea selection was great.

The fun sculptures at the front

The Vegan carrot cake was flavorful, full of carrots and topped with lush icing and the iced green tea was very refreshing.

Vegan Pumpkin cheesecakeVegan pumpkin whoopie pie

On the downside, the service was slow and unattentive. Also, the utensils were slightly dirty. Although the tea sets were chipped, I liked the charm of the used shabby cute look.

Teany To Go on Urbanspoon

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