Hotels: Yotel, New York

Yotel is a new hotel near Times Square and the Port Authority. The decor is futuristic, bold and seemed to appeal to many European visitors. Yotel has other locations based in London and Amsterdam.

The rooms were very clean, however, there were a lot of kinks still being worked out. During our stay, we had a discounted rate of $179ish/night. In addition, there was a power outage which resulted in alarms at odd hours in the morning, a lack of air conditioning and limited lighting. As a result, for that one evening, we received a refund.

There is also a robot which places stored luggage in lockers.

The hotel lobby has sign in kiosks, similar to self-check in counters at drug and grocery stores. There were assistants helping folks check in and out. The one issue was there was not information provided about the times breakfast was served. If you arrive early, hotel guests can get coffee, a small muffin and purchase fruit for $1.00 each.

The open bathroom, with a curtain acting as the bathroom door.
The room was designed like a flight cabin. Our luggage had limited areas for storage, bed had electronic adjustment and a lcd tv.

Sitting area and nearby is the Dohyo, fusion noodle bar restaurant in the evening, and during the day serves small plates such as sliders, falafel sandwiches, brunch items such as eggs and omelets.

Outdoor lounge with foam cushion seating

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