Coastal Maine Popcorn Co., Portland

The Coastal Maine Popcorn Company’s has a large array of sweet and savory flavors and encourage interesting combinations like bleu cheese and buffalo popcorn to make buffalo wings flavored popcorn. Another example of a combination is mixing rosemary with apple to make sausage flavored popcorn.The window front immediately draws you in with the bags and bags of colorful popcorn, each $43.99. Each potential patron can try two small samples each. With the benefit of going with 3 other friends, we tried many varieties.

Key lime pie and New England berry flavors

After trying maple, cinnamon toast, salt and vinegar, rosemary and bleu cheese, my friends bought salt and vinegar and cinnamon toast.
I loved the Buffalo XX (the kicked up version of Buffalo). It is just too uncanny how similar flavor the buffalo popcorn is to buffalo wings. This is coming from a fanatic of buffalo flavored anything.

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