Eastern Standard, Kenmore Square, Boston

I had been to Eastern Standard for drinks and tried the cheese board a few years ago when it opened. Recently we went for dinner. The atmosphere was buzzing with people, the bar area was pretty casual and dinner was a wonderful experience. The service was gracious, warm and first class. Everyone in our group loved the well crafted cocktails, appetizers and experience.

The one item not photographed that had rave review was applewood smoked pork porterhouse, garlic mashed, grain mustard and grilled asparagus. Several folks in our group had the entree and I tried a bit as well. It was to die for.

The roasted bone marrow with gremolata and sea salt was served with toasted bread and it was creamy and had great flavor for $8.

The fried calamari was light and matched the smoked paprika aioli very well for $11.Tender pork meatballs with a light romesco sauce, leeks, green garlic cream for $11

I love fig jam and cheese and this dish was no exception. The cast iron kept the cheese melty and the sliced figs combination was unreal.

Daily charcuterie for $14My own mini charcuterie plate

A few friends had several of these Lemon fizz and exclaimed they tasted like a better lemonade. After their exclamations, I had to try it as well. The vodka, egg white, limoncello and soda had perfect balance of tart and sweetness.

I split roast beef sandwich and really enjoyed the tender slices of roast beef. The crispy onions and spicy and creamy horseradish mayo was awesome with the crispy fries ($12).

We ordered the gouda mac and cheese side and passed it around to the entire dinner party. Everyone loved the rich flavor and bubbly cheese. I particularly enjoyed the  texture of the melty gouda and toasty breadcrumb, which tasted very buttery ($10).

I also split the turkey, cheese and tomato panini sandwich and fresh fried potato chips. The sandwich was such a hearty serving I had to bring it home and have some the next day. The panini was really good toasted the next day ($12).

The market soup was tomato that evening and I really enjoy a warming tomato soup, so I ordered it. It was a bit too acidic and didn’t taste as fresh as other soups I have had elsewhere ($7). 

My friend ordered the daily special, the lobster gnocchi and meyer lemon brown butter. The gnocchi was soft and fluffy and had the infused lobster flavor, however she said she loved the applewood pork her husband had even better. I thought the gnocchi were pillowy. The sauce itself didn’t enhance the lobster nor gnocchi, which made the overall dish lackluster ($29).

We tried the hand rolled ricotta gnocchi, ragout and peccorino and the gnoochi absorbed the vegetable flavor and tasted very hearty ($18).

The chocolate hazelnut terrine with popcorn ice cream and pomegranate syrup was a must get. It tasted like kettle corn and nutella ($8).

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