Speed’s Hot Dog, New Market Square, Boston

Speed’s Hot Dog is a half-pound, charred, all-beef Pearl hot dog, marinated in cider and brown sugar. America’s #1 Hot Dog according to the Wall Street Journal and Warren Buffet. According to the July 21, 2011 story in the Globe, Warren tried to buy the 36- year-old business outright, after tasting the dog during his visit to Yale Electric.

We were fortunate to try Speed’s at the SOWA Open Market in the South End where Food Trucks line the parking lot versus going to the New Market Square location off Mass Ave next to the Red Line Andrew T Stop.

A loaded or the works hot dog has all the homemade toppings, Speed’s spicy brown and honey mustard, Speed’s bbq/sweet and savory sauce, Speed’s relish, Speed’s vidalia and California onions, and Speed’s Special Chili Sauce.

A half, pound charred hot dog for $8 definitely could feed two people, so ask for the dog to be cut in half. The hot dog is split lengthwise and is quite hearty for the one toasted bun. The hotdog itself is sweet, has a great snap and is juicy. There is a tangy, smokey and sweet flavor of the loaded sauce and those chopped onions are so sweet. The hot dog is on a piece of white butcher paper to contain the monster dog and all its saucy goodness, however the meal is very messy.

The staff were definitely diamonds in the rough, clearly knew what they were doing, bustling the orders through and were not ashamed to yell out if a customer was not quick enough picking up their order and that the staff were waiting for them.

Speed's Hot Dog on Urbanspoon

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