Exchange Street Bistro, Malden

Exchange Street Bistro, in Malden, is located on Exchange Street behind Pleasant Street and has a cozy atmosphere for dinner.

My dining buddy enjoyed a glass of sangria and the haddock. We dined on a Tuesday evening, but there was no worries on the Bourdain warning, no fish on Monday and Tuesdays. The haddock looked fresh and well sauced.

The mixed grill’s chorizo was flavorful, shrimp well cooked and steak very tender. The greens were bitter.

The peach cobbler was a bit of an oddity. We expected fruit with the crumbles, but out came a peach creme brulee that was more savory than sweet and crumbles on top. Was a mediocre dessert.

The service was very attentive, over attentive if that is possible, where ever few minutes a server, hostess, another server would stop by and check in. All in all, it was appreciated.

Exchange Street Bistro on Urbanspoon

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