Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

Taking the time to visit the Lower 9th Ward was so enriching. The experience moving me to tears and evoked feelings of devastation, confusion, concern and a deluge of thoughts.

Crossing the bridge from the Bywater to the Lower 9th Ward

There were many disheveled homes with removed siding, broken windows and paint chipping.

Open lots where homeowners could not or purposely choose not to returnAnother open lot with the cement from the original foundationTrailer

The painted X-code which search-and-rescue teams used in 2005 post-Katrina to display if there were survivors or dead found in the homes.

This rusting sign was for a drive thru KFC and directly across the street was also a Popeye’s chicken. The telephone booth with advertisement Moving Hope Forward was uplifting.

Brad Pitt Make It Right Houses

Harry Connick Junior’s Musician Homes

There were a lot of silent pauses for reflection and barrage of questions were raised throughout the time we spent there, but I was reminded me about the importance of appreciation, the spirit of kindness and resilience.

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