Sucre, Garden District, New Orleans

Sucre, located on Magazine Street is an adult Candyland. This whimsical sweet shop has the most adorable store front with hanging colorful ice cream scoops and cones.

We were very much tempted by the case of gelato, but moved straight for the macarons.
Sucre’s macaron flavors including chocolate, hazelnut, nectar cream, peaches and cream, orange, strawberry, almond and pistachio.The mini cakes were gorgeously decorated and so fun to look at.

The eclairs and tarts were also impeccably designed and were equally tempting.

The most impressive cake that caught our eye was the Hazelnut Latte cake. The side crusted with bits of hazelnuts was a nice touch.

We were impressed by the artful macaron trees.

We bought these soft nectar and lemon marshmallows and they were airy, flavorful and a real treat.

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