Angelo Brocato Ice Cream, City Park, New Orleans

In the torrential downpour, we got of the cable Car past the Walgreen’s drug store and wandered to Angelo Brocato Ice Cream, the famous gelato eatery near City Park. Angelo Brocato was on my NOLA hit list for a while now not only for gelato, but for their Italian pastries.

There were so many flavors to choose from including amaretto, praline, pistachio almond,  baci, coconut, and apricot.Angelo Brocato pastries including cream puffs, Baba Rhum and napoleans.

The cucidati and fig cookies were absolutely amazing. They were either plain, covered in sugar glaze, rainbow sprinkles or almonds.

Cucidati is an Italian fig cookie and the better version of the Nabisco Fig Newton. Boy have I been missing out. The soft, lightly sweet fig filling with a crumbly lightly sweetened exterior.


Roman candy is like a harder taffy candy rolled in wax paper, which comes in ice cream flavors vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. 

Spumoni is a layered ice cream, with multiple flavors including chocolate and pistachio flavors.

Peach gelato was THE BEST gelato I have ever eaten. The peach flavor was so fresh and a genuine bite of summer.  I felt like was eating a perfectly ripened, sweet peach.

Angelo Brocato Ice Cream & Confectionery on Urbanspoon

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