Cafe du Monde, French Quarter, New Orleans

The famous Cafe du Monde has been in existence since 1862, located across from Jackson Square. Growing up, our father would open up a yellow canister of coffee beans, and fill his grinder and he would have me press the button to grind them.  Low and behold, the coffee was from Cafe du Monde. We had to bring home beignet mix for the family.

Cafe du Monde is a cash only establishment, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a take out counter, indoor seating and outdoor area covered by the CDM tent. A lot of the servers were very friendly and were originally from Bali, Vietnam or were local folks from New Orleans. We found this so intriguing and wondered how some of these South East Asian and Pacific Islanders found their way to New Orleans.

$.14, $.33 or $.64 are the price endings. We are not sure why the price are not round numbers or $.99, but we hope it is for humor or to keeping prices manageable for customers versus marking it up rounding to the next dollar.

Cafe au lait, half brewed chickory coffee and half hot milk. Chicory is the root of endive lettuce which adds a great flavor to the coffee. Our travel companion had to have a cafe au lait almost every night of our NOLA visit. Each time our cups increased from small $2.14 to the larger size $3.64 and varied from decaf to caffeinated.

The biegnets making magic room and the fryer.

Beignet cutter

Under the heap of heavenly powdered sugar are the devilish fried square shaped doughnut. Three per order. If at there long enough, we could polish off two orders. Good thing we did not. Gluttony is easy with beignets.

We had to try the frozen cafe au lait $4.33. It was like a better version of the Starbucks Frozen Frappucinos.

Icy goodness

Powdered sugar on the ground. Damage done.

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