Coop’s Place, New Orleans

On one of the first evenings in NOLA, we passed Coop’s Place and there was a line deep of 10 people outside and we knew we had to return. We did for a 11AM lunch, right when Coop’s opens. Remember, Coop’s is 21+. A young couple with a stroller started walking in, and the waitress had to shoo out a beleagured, hungry family because even little babies can not be in the restaurant/bar.

The fantastic cartoon logo. The alligator looks so full, he has to flip over and nap.Menu board

Coop’s has a great dark wood bar area, it is a bit dingy, as I would expect, but it is full of character.

Notice the brown dog in the back? My friend got greeted by him on the way in and out of the bathroom. She said the bathroom made her want to leave the restaurant immediately.

House salad (A Spring mix of seven fresh salad greens topped with cucumber, carrots and tomato) with made in house Green Goddess dressing $4.50.

What is green goddess? Amazingness. Dill, basil, mayo all whirled up.

Rice and beans with two pieces of Cajun fried chicken $8.50. Let’s talk about the Cajun fried chicken. It was SO juicy inside, juice dribbled from the meat and the seasoned crust with Coop’s Bayou Blend was real tasty. I wish I had some of that chicken right now.

The rice and beans topped with scallions was cooked for hours with pork and I found myself some pork bones. So fair warning, all rice and beans in NOLA has pork. This is not Latin rice in beans. It is flavorful, porky, has tassles of pork in the sauce.

The fried mushrooms were juicy, but were also a bit greasy served with horseradish dipping sauce. You can skip this. My friend wasn’t happy. $7.95All in all, I will be back for an early Fried Chicken lunch with a side of Green Goddess. Thanks Coop’s for a memorable, mouth-watering inducing chicken.

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